Hendrik & Corry Singapore Prewedding Session

Hi all!!

If you haven’t already noticed, Omoide’s tag line is “Your best friend in wedding photography.” and this is more than true for Hendrik& Corry.

After a great and fun session in Singapore, they are now our best friend and also our business partner. They’re the owner of Talenta Gallery, a customized wedding invitation company, their creativity inspired us to work on a very interesting project with them that we’ll announced to you guys really soon. Oh by the way, Omoide’s mini gallery is located in their gallery, how ’bout that! 🙂

In the mean time, you should really check out their prewedding photo session first, hopefully you’ll enjoy it 🙂


Omoide Portraiture

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Adhi & Nadia Pre-wedding

Hi all, right now we wanna share all the fun we had with Adhi & Nadia, although we had some unpredictable weather back then but hey we managed to keep having fun in the process.

Adhi & Nadia, thank you for being such a great sport even though Nadia got a fever from day 2, you guys still try hard to give us your best poses! Much appreciated!!

And for you all happy couples out there, don’t hesitate to have a chit chat with us about anything related to wedding portraiture, we’ll gladly help you if we can.


Omoide Portraiture

Notes: There’s a very romantic wedding clip starred by them at the bottom of this post, be sure to check it out.

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Agnes & Yuanita Pre-Wedding

It’s still fresh in our memory how Agnes & Yuanita treat us with such an incredible hospitality while we’re at Singapore shooting their pre-wedding photos and we’re thankful for that!

We went to a lot of places in Singapore that off our common tourist usual grid ha3, we really think that we should explore more of this tiny but incredible island next time.
With them we’re not a couple of photographers, we’re long lost friends and part of the family. We had a really great time there and had a great time taking pictures of them.

So …. let’s get to the point and see some pictures

Omoide Portraiture

A huge thanks to Agnes & Yuanita

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