Jon & Nita Pre-wedding Canada


As promised, today we’ve uploaded Jon & Nita’s Canada pre-wedding photo session, yeayyy :)!

As maybe you’ll see soon in this post, the weather was not quite on our side 😦 it’s constantly cloudy and it rained now and then, and it’s freezing too, one of my camera gave up on me (luckily it resuscitates after it dries :p). But I must give a big thumbs up for Jon & Nita, just look at their outfit! (I wore 3 layers of clothing shooting them :p). Thank you, Jon & Nita, for trying hard for this session, I really appreciate it. 🙂

So what are you guys waiting for, scroll down and enjoy the show!


Omoide Portraiture

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Hendrik & Corry Singapore Prewedding Session

Hi all!!

If you haven’t already noticed, Omoide’s tag line is “Your best friend in wedding photography.” and this is more than true for Hendrik& Corry.

After a great and fun session in Singapore, they are now our best friend and also our business partner. They’re the owner of Talenta Gallery, a customized wedding invitation company, their creativity inspired us to work on a very interesting project with them that we’ll announced to you guys really soon. Oh by the way, Omoide’s mini gallery is located in their gallery, how ’bout that! 🙂

In the mean time, you should really check out their prewedding photo session first, hopefully you’ll enjoy it 🙂


Omoide Portraiture

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Jon & Nita Pre-wedding San Francisco

Hi All!!

We’re really excited today because we’ve just uploaded all of Jon & Nita’s San Fransisco album, it’s a very memorable experience (in a good way of course) and we owe this to Jonny Mah & Nita Angela, and we thank them for their generosity. Hopefully you guys love this album because we have more to come from Calgary, Yeayy! 🙂


Omoide Portraiture

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Christian & Felicia Pre-wedding

Hi all!!

It’s such a beautiful day today, a very good day to post a new set of photos, yeayyy!

These are photos of Christian & Felicia taken in a very beautiful spot in Jakarta, a vintage and elegant spot. The dress, the suit and building fits really well together. We also feel fortunate to be accompanied by a nice and great make up artist Lili Mailidia.

Felicia & Christian have been very nice and supportive throughout the session and still being very supportive until now, we feel very lucky to always have the pleasure to work with great couples such as Felicia & Christian. We’re also honored to be their photographers on their wedding day! We will do our best to bring you the best of Omoide :).

Feel free to browse through this set and you can drop us a line anytime in this post or you can email us here!


Omoide Portraiture

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Franklin & Vivi Pre-wedding

Happy Monday!! 🙂

Another fun pre-wedding photo session taken in Bandung with Franklin & Vivi.

We’ll also shoot their wedding  day in Bandung soon, we really can’t wait :)!


Omoide Portraiture

For more information, you can email us here!

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David & Selfy Pre-wedding

Ah Perth! How we love this beautiful city! 🙂 And add that with a very nice couple like David & Selfy, that let us stayed in their place, cooked us a fabulous meal (David is a sous chef!) and drove us around the city (we really appreciate it!) and it becomes perfect. A lot of thanks to the couple and new friends that we got while we were there, you are all the best!

It was mostly cloudy there but it helps to have a lot of great backgrounds to work with. We also did a short photo session in David’s kitchen while he and Selfy preparing lunch for all of us, it was fun and surely a mouth-watering experience, yumm!!

So here we go, David & Selfy pre-wedding photo session in Perth, hope you guys enjoy it! 🙂


Omoide Portraiture

NB: Less then 1 day left before we close our Valentine’s Day promo, so be sure to booked us now! 🙂 For more information, you can email us here!

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Karel Diani Indoor Pre-wedding

Remember them in our previous post? Yup it’s Karel & Diani! They asked us to wait until their wedding day is over (which is held 3 days ago) before we can upload their indoor pre-wedding photos because they’re wearing their wedding gown and suit 🙂 and of course we’re happily obliged to their kind request.

So, after shooting their wedding day (that we’ll upload pretty soon :)) we get back to our computer and start uploading photos :P, so here it is guys ….

Karel & Diani Pre-wedding Photo Session Part 2!! Yeay!!

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Bambang & Wenses Pre-wedding

A lot of you maybe asking whether  Omoide can do indoor wedding photography, so we really think that this photos of Bambang & Wenses should answer your question.

Thank you Bambang & Wenses for letting us put your photographs online, we can’t wait to shoot your wedding day soon!

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Karel & Diani Pre-wedding Clip

As we promised before, without further ado, this is a pre-wedding clip of Karel & Diani, hopefully you guys enjoy it 🙂

For more information on how you can make something like this for your wedding, just drop us a line in this blog or you can also email us:


Omoide Portraiture

Karel & Diani Pre-wedding

Fresh air, freshly cut grass, beautifully trimmed and shaped trees, nothing beats a shooting in a beautiful garden with great weather (okay it’s a bit hot but it’s still quite nice :P). To sums up things, we loveeeeee shooting outdoor!! 🙂 And how convenient it is when Karel & Diani asked us to shoot them in this beautiful garden complex.

As a wedding photographers it’s our job to break the ice and  to maintained the energy throughout the session but Karel with his bubbly personality beats us to it LOL! So it’s really the other way around, we laugh a lot that day because of the bride & the groom, we really had a blast that day, thank you guys!! 🙂

Oh, we almost forgot, we also did a wedding clip for Karel & Diani, we’ll upload it on our next post, be sure to check it out! 🙂


Omoide Portraiture

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