Alvin & Dian Pre-Wedding Session

Prewedding Alvin Dian-9

Hi All,

OMG, it’s like forever since our last upload.
Yes people, we are still taking photographs but too lazy to upload it … we apologize.

But hopefully this upload of Alvin & Dian pre-wedding session can make you guys forgive us, and we promise you that we will upload several more really soon .


Omoide Portraiture

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MJ & Firsta Pre-Wedding Photo Session

mj Firsta_02

Thank you MJ & Beatricia Firsta Gunawan for coming all the way from Canada and share a wonderful day with us in a short photo session here in Jakarta, we really hope that you guys enjoy these photos, and we wish you all the best for the wedding ceremony back in Canada and have a beautiful married life!


Omoide Photography — in Jakarta Raya, Indonesia.

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Seto & Monica Prewedding Session

Seto Monic-8

Whoops! It seems that we forgot to upload this album here :p

We hope that you guys enjoy this one and we’ll upload another album really soon.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Photographers: Tommy Fabianus & Andreas Ardiansyah
Make up: LiLi MaiLidia

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Pre-Wedding Collection

Seto Monic-28

These are some of the best pre-wedding photos by Omoide Portraiture


Omoide Portraiture

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Beny & Wenie Pre-wedding

Beny Wenie Prewed-43

Photographers : Tommy Fabianus & Andreas Ardiansyah
Make Up: LiLi MaiLidia

Hope you guys enjoy this album!


Omoide Portraiture

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Ryan & Merry Prewedding

RyanMerry_ (43)

As promised … part 2!! Yeayyy 😛
Thx to our make up artist: Lucy Make Up Artist

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Ryan & Merry Prewedding Session Part 1

RyanMerry_ (20)

Hi All! 🙂

Let us introduce you to Ryan & Merry in our latest upload, but let us remind you that this won’t be their last album, we’ve got one more prewedding album and a wedding day album to be uploaded soon, this really shows how much they love to be photograph, and hopefully it conveys in our photographs.
In this session we had a lot of fun the whole day moving from spot to spot in our lovely city Jakarta (luckily the “tame” Jakarta on that very day) and the weather is really on our side, it was perfect.

Museum Bank Indonesia has been really nice to us for giving us a permission to shot at their backyard and lobby again which is really beautiful (kudos to the management for keeping it all clean and tidy) :).

Thanks to Eka Budhi Irawan for being a third photographer that day and last but not least, an amazing make up by Lucy Christine Katili! 🙂

We’ll see you guys soon in Ryan & Merry part two, so stay tune!


Omoide Portraiture

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Hartono & Sofie Prewedding Session


Well, it’s a small world after all.

So I know this guy from high school, we studied at the same high school, but we lost contact after that, I knew that we studied at the same university but couldn’t care less about each other business :P. A couple of years later while I photographed a wedding session a familiar face appear and you know what, it’s that guy from high school and he’s the wedding organizer for that wedding! And luckily for us, he and his girlfriend will also be having their own wedding … what a nice coincidence right?! LOL!

Well to cut the story short we had a couple of meetings and decided to have their prewedding photos taken at a tea plantation and we insisted to do it early because we really want to capture the fog along with a beautiful morning sun shining through branches above tea plantation. And thankfully everything’s perfect that morning, the fog, the sun, yeayyy!! And we had a lot of fun that day!

So, without further ado …. Hartono & Sofie!


Omoide Portraiture.

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Jon & Nita Pre-wedding Canada


As promised, today we’ve uploaded Jon & Nita’s Canada pre-wedding photo session, yeayyy :)!

As maybe you’ll see soon in this post, the weather was not quite on our side 😦 it’s constantly cloudy and it rained now and then, and it’s freezing too, one of my camera gave up on me (luckily it resuscitates after it dries :p). But I must give a big thumbs up for Jon & Nita, just look at their outfit! (I wore 3 layers of clothing shooting them :p). Thank you, Jon & Nita, for trying hard for this session, I really appreciate it. 🙂

So what are you guys waiting for, scroll down and enjoy the show!


Omoide Portraiture

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Hendrik & Corry Singapore Prewedding Session

Hi all!!

If you haven’t already noticed, Omoide’s tag line is “Your best friend in wedding photography.” and this is more than true for Hendrik& Corry.

After a great and fun session in Singapore, they are now our best friend and also our business partner. They’re the owner of Talenta Gallery, a customized wedding invitation company, their creativity inspired us to work on a very interesting project with them that we’ll announced to you guys really soon. Oh by the way, Omoide’s mini gallery is located in their gallery, how ’bout that! 🙂

In the mean time, you should really check out their prewedding photo session first, hopefully you’ll enjoy it 🙂


Omoide Portraiture

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