Hi there happy couples,

Omoide is here, bringing you a friendly wedding photography services.

We really want to become part of your special day as your best friend who shares your concern of details, shares your emotions and take everything as if it is our special day and not being there as some strangers who take some random pictures. We believe that those are the best formulas to get great shots of your special day.

Let’s meet up and talk about your plan for a photo shoot at your favorite cafe, restaurant, hang out places or even at the comfort of your house, we love to chat, to eat, to make stupid jokes and of course we love to have a great photo session with great people as you are.

We are specialists in wedding photojournalism.
Just give us a call (+62812-825-00681) or you can email us to make an appointment.

But before that, get to know who is behind Omoide:


Tommy (Founder and Omoide’s Principal Photographer)

A calm and quiet person, his love in capturing emotions and candid portraiture has given him an idea to establish Omoide Portraiture so he can capture that beautiful moments every day.  Going through the crowds on your wedding day almost unnoticed and snap all that beautiful emotions in between shots making him a perfect guy for your candid shots. He is also a managing partner in a website design agency in Jakarta.

Andreas A. (Co-founder and Omoide’s Principal Photographer)

A fun and talkative character with the ability to break the ice at any occasions. With a very direct approach without leaving any details behind, he’s your save bet for great documentary shots.

As you can see, together we make a perfect balance for your wedding day. And we also have our team of best wedding photographers that will also available in case we are fully booked. So what are you guys waiting for, we’ll see you soon! 🙂


Omoide Portraiture

Notes: Although we are based in Jakarta- Indonesia, we are available to do photo shoot overseas as we did for several photo sessions in the past. Feel free to email us for more details.


145 thoughts on “About

  1. could you please kindly send me your pricelist or package for wedding candid/ journalism photography?



  2. Hi…

    Bisa minta indoor and outdoor prewedding pricelistnya…atau kalo ada package…
    untuk prewed package termasuk apa aja?
    bisa ganti berapa kostum?



  3. Hello. Im Jida from Brunei and interested to go to Jarkata Next year June for pre wedding. Can u send me through email regarding on your pre wedding packages?


  4. Hi Omoide,

    Saya mau nanya lokasi kantor Omoide dimana? Buka jam berapa?
    Harga untuk prewedding aja berapa? wedding aja berapa? kalau ambil prewedding & wedding berapa?
    Setiap paket dapat apa aja?

    Terima Kasih,


  5. Salam kenal, saya Tjan Edy.
    Bisa dikirimkan kepada kita info price list dari Omoide mengenai paket untuk foto dan video di Hari H (Wedding Day), Thanks be4.


  6. Hi, I just saw your photographs and i love your stuff! Could you please kindly send me the price list? Thank you!


  7. hi omoide..!
    boleh minta tolong dikirim price list buat paket prewedd nya?
    saya butuh untuk weekend dalam bulan ini..


  8. Hi Omoide,

    Saya mau nanya lokasi kantor Omoide dimana?
    Price list untuk prewedding aja berapa? wedding aja berapa? kalau ambil prewedding & wedding berapa?
    Setiap paket dapat apa aja?

    Terima Kasih,


    1. Hi Nuruddin,

      Kita punya mini gallery di daerah Jakarta barat, tp kita memang lbh prefer untuk buat appointment dulu karena kita lebih sering di luar daripada di gallery. Untuk menjawab pertanyaan Nuruddin soal harga, kita sudah kirimkan yah PL kita yang lengkap ke email Nuruddin 🙂

      Omoide Portraiture


  9. Dear OMoide Photography…

    i loooove your artworks… could you please send me your price list? Thank you very much.


    1. Hi Vani, kita sudah kirimkan yah PL nya lewat email, untuk lokasi kita bisa bicarakan lagi detailnya nanti, kita tidak ada lokasi yg fixed sih, jd bener2 disesuaikan dengan konsep aja 🙂

      Omoide Portraiture


  10. Hi Omoide… Boleh minta Price List untuk packages: Pre Wedding, Wedding, dan Photo Booth – utk wedding (kalau ada).
    Thank you, ditunggu ya:)


  11. Hai omaide,
    boleh kirim PLnya ke email saya, untuk 9 juni 2013 masih available kah?
    ditunggu replynya thanks


  12. Dear Omoide Portraiture,

    could you please send me your pricelist for preweddiing photo and wedding candid photography and video?

    Big Thanks,


  13. Hai omoide , ponakanku 17 th, mau foto outdoor naik kuda.
    Terima permintaan ini ga ? kalau tidak, ada info dan rekomendasi ? trims ya..


    1. Hi Lily, Sorry for the late reply, terkadang beberapa message suka masuk ke spam kita 😦
      Bisa kok untuk foto dengan kuda, hanya saja kita ga support untuk lokasi dan penyewaan kudanya.
      Kira2 untuk kapan yah Lily?


  14. foto2 kalian bagus…dan g suka style kalian foto..boleh minta pricelist prewedding outdoor sama foto hari H wedding??
    untuk bulan april-mei 2014 daerah jakarta


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