Hartono & Sofie Prewedding Session


Well, it’s a small world after all.

So I know this guy from high school, we studied at the same high school, but we lost contact after that, I knew that we studied at the same university but couldn’t care less about each other business :P. A couple of years later while I photographed a wedding session a familiar face appear and you know what, it’s that guy from high school and he’s the wedding organizer for that wedding! And luckily for us, he and his girlfriend will also be having their own wedding … what a nice coincidence right?! LOL!

Well to cut the story short we had a couple of meetings and decided to have their prewedding photos taken at a tea plantation and we insisted to do it early because we really want to capture the fog along with a beautiful morning sun shining through branches above tea plantation. And thankfully everything’s perfect that morning, the fog, the sun, yeayyy!! And we had a lot of fun that day!

So, without further ado …. Hartono & Sofie!


Omoide Portraiture.

Click to enlarge!

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