David & Selfy Pre-wedding

Ah Perth! How we love this beautiful city! 🙂 And add that with a very nice couple like David & Selfy, that let us stayed in their place, cooked us a fabulous meal (David is a sous chef!) and drove us around the city (we really appreciate it!) and it becomes perfect. A lot of thanks to the couple and new friends that we got while we were there, you are all the best!

It was mostly cloudy there but it helps to have a lot of great backgrounds to work with. We also did a short photo session in David’s kitchen while he and Selfy preparing lunch for all of us, it was fun and surely a mouth-watering experience, yumm!!

So here we go, David & Selfy pre-wedding photo session in Perth, hope you guys enjoy it! 🙂


Omoide Portraiture

NB: Less then 1 day left before we close our Valentine’s Day promo, so be sure to booked us now! 🙂 For more information, you can email us here!

Click to enlarge!

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