Karel & Diani Pre-wedding

Fresh air, freshly cut grass, beautifully trimmed and shaped trees, nothing beats a shooting in a beautiful garden with great weather (okay it’s a bit hot but it’s still quite nice :P). To sums up things, we loveeeeee shooting outdoor!! 🙂 And how convenient it is when Karel & Diani asked us to shoot them in this beautiful garden complex.

As a wedding photographers it’s our job to break the ice and  to maintained the energy throughout the session but Karel with his bubbly personality beats us to it LOL! So it’s really the other way around, we laugh a lot that day because of the bride & the groom, we really had a blast that day, thank you guys!! 🙂

Oh, we almost forgot, we also did a wedding clip for Karel & Diani, we’ll upload it on our next post, be sure to check it out! 🙂


Omoide Portraiture


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