Lius & Jifhi Wedding Day

Lately I attended several wedding parties as a guest and you know what, it’s awesome!!

Finally I can have a real feast at a wedding, standing in the corner, laughing with friends without several kilos of equipment hanging on my neck LOL!

To be honest it’s nice to be on the other side of the field sometimes ….. but … ( I’m sure you knew that there will be a big “but” coming XD) the urge to capture that beautiful moments in front of me is bigger than my urge to grab another plate of Peking Duck ha3 (Give me a huge plate of salmon sashimi and a huge tender wagyu steak then maybe I will re-consider my thought :P).

So yeah … anyway … when finally I can grabbed my camera and shoot at Lius & Jihfi wedding day, I was hyped! Add that with Lius & Jihfi’s fun and great personality and we’ve got ourselves a perfect day. Thank you Lius & Jihfi for your trust in our services, congratulation guys, we wish you all the best!! 🙂


Omoide Portraiture


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