Rob & Monica Pre-wedding

It’s winter in Perth when we took this shots not too long ago, everybody’s keep telling us that it’ll be freezing down there so we should bring our thickest jacket or coat available, and honestly we’re foolishly didn’t bring any LOL.

Yes, we brought jackets and coats but not the thickest available, we’re already concerned about the weight or our gears to be honest, and we didn’t want to burden ourselves more with heavy jackets and coats. But you know what, when we arrived there and start taking photographs of this lovely couple Rob & Monica the warmth of their love really helped us during the coldest hour on that day, errrrr okay it’s getting really cheesy LOL.

But honestly they were really try their best to keep their energy up there at the top although it’s freezing out there and eventually their energy helped us to really forget about the weather and had a lot of fun shots after shots.
This session is a complimentary one day photo session for them to thanked them for inviting us to Perth to shoot their wedding day and also our wedding gift to the couple, hope you guys like it.

So no worries, soon we will also post their wedding day photo session.

A big thanks to Robert & Monica for trusting their wedding day with our services and we want to congratulate them for a beautiful wedding day and we wish you all the best!!


Omoide Portraiture


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