Wempy & Anna Pre-wedding

Wempy is a tattoo artist.
Anna is a fashion designer.

If we combine them together, we’ll have a huge creative explosion and I’m sure it really shown in this post!! They asked us whether we want to take their pre-wedding photo more into a fashion photo shoot rather than an ordinary pre-wedding photo shoot and of course we wouldn’t want to miss this kind of chance to have such a great couple with a great concept to shoot.

Although we came on a lil’ bit of problem when Wempy sprained his knee on the first day of the session and so we needed to do a follow up session a month after, but we wrapped it out nicely. Kudos to Wempy for keeping their energy up to the max regardless the pain from the sprained knee.

BTW there’s a lil’ surprise coming….. a wedding clip starred by Wempy & Anna, yeayyyyy!!!! But we’ll only post it after their wedding day, we don’t want to ruin the surprise element at their wedding day.  So stay tune guys, we’ll upload the video soon.


Omoide Portraiture


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