Lukas & Vina Pre-Wedding

We had a very fun session with the happy couple. It was a very hot day, and we mean it when we say HOT!! We started sweating as soon as we hit the open space so the MUA need to do a lot of make up retouching on the couple (thx Lukas & Vina for bearing this torturing heat with us).
The heat is not the only thing that came in the way, on the location there’s a lot of dogs (about a dozen of them) barking at us from time to time (on the previous week we went scouting there, I’m literally surrounded by them, I keep my cool but it’s really kinda scary to think I’m to get bitten by a dozen of dogs LOL).

But of course in the end we got through the day with beautiful pictures of the happy couple. Owww I almost forgot, Lukas & Vina brought several cases of “Bak Pao” & Donuts to the photo session, it’s so nice of them, and so we thank you a lot Lukas & Vina.

So enough of chit chat, please browse through this set of photos courtesy of Lukas & Vina.


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